Exceptional Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning

Oklahoma City Carpet CleaningExpect a clean that you never thought possible from our outstanding carpet cleaning and floor care service! Our Exceptional 12-Step process will renew your carpets and leave them looking their best. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and your carpet will be dry when we leave as opposed to hours or even days later! Our process is completely baby safe and can also reduce the allergens in your home.

Ask yourself, which of these steps did your last carpet cleaner skip?

  1. Pre-Inspection – In the step, we inspect your home’s soil content and fiber type to determine the best cleaning and spot cleaning agents for your home.
  2. Vacuuming – This step removes 78% of your homes dry soil before moisture is introduced to the carpet. This is a crucial but often overlooked step by our competitors!
  3. Pre-Spot Cleaning – Spots are treated with a spotting agent specifically designed for each particular type of spot. Obviously a drink spill requires different cleaners than ink or pet stains! (Link "pet stains")
  4. Pre-Conditioning – Unlike our competitors, our cleaning solutions are applied well before extraction to allow dwell time for the cleaners to work. This is much like using a presoak for your laundry.
  5. Agitation – We use agitation, either manual or mechanical to work the cleaning solutions deep into the carpet fibers and allow them to break the soil loose from your carpet fibers.
  6. Rinsing & Extraction – This important step removes any residue left by the cleaning solutions. We actually use almost twice the moisture of other cleaners yet your carpets are left clean, residue free and dry!
  7. Conditioning – Instead of just water or an emulsifier, we use a conditioning rinse to return the ph balance of your carpet to a safe and healthy neutral level. This means no damage to your carpet fiber, faster drying, less static and longer times between cleanings.
  8. Sanitizing & Deodorizing – Because the heat of our cleaning method exceeds 180 degrees (it is actually above 230 degrees) we can assure you that your carpets have been sanitized and a residue-free deodorizer is added to our rinse.
  9. Post-Inspection – This step allows us to check our results and make notes of any areas that may need additional work.
  10. Post-Spot Cleaning – Often times additional spot cleaning or attention to traffic areas are needed to assure that every step has been taken to give your home the attention you deserve! We can’t remove every stain but if we can’t remove it, no one can!
  11. Grooming – Grooming is the process of using a carpet-grooming rake to stand all of the carpet fibers back to their original factory position.
  12. Speed Drying – Our last step is to Speed-dry your carpets to allow your home to be used right after we are finished. In most cases, carpets are left dry to the touch when we leave! It takes a little more time, but your carpets are worth it!