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Tile and Grout Cleaning – How do we get it clean?

Tile and Grout Cleaning – How do we get it clean?

January 18, 2015 @ 7:26 PM
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People struggle to understand when they need to have their tile and grout professionally cleaned. Tile is relatively new in homes and therefore we don’t have a lot of experience maintaining it. Without professional cleaning, your only real options are to mop your tile with water or a cleaner. Over time, the soil left behind in the sandy grout lines begins to become more and more apparent. If you don’t believe me, look at your own grout. Compare the grout lines in corners, under cabinets and rugs, areas that receive very little foot traffic. Now look at the color of the grout around your stove, dishwasher, entry hall and utility room. I imagine there is quite a difference. So what do you do?

Without having tile professionally cleaned, your options are limited to bleaching the grout lines, scrubbing grout lines with abrasive cleaners or coloring them with a color sealer. These options are messy, involves breathing toxic fumes and destroying your hands with harsh chemicals, not to mention the toll it takes on your back and knees. That’s because mopping creates dirty water that moves into low places on your floor and grout, sinking in before it can be removed. So how does a professional cleaner get better results? Lets see!

The first step is to use cleaners that are made so strong that it can break the surface tension of embedded soil. These cleaners can be harsh but safe when used properly. At Exceptional Carpet Cleaning, we pour these cleaners onto your floor and use a microfiber mop to distribute the cleaner generously all over the tile or stone floor. Once the cleaner has had adequate time to soak into the grout lines and suspend the soil, we hand scrub every grout line vigorously. This is rarely done by other cleaners but it is essential in assuring the most stubborn soil is removed. Finally, the cleaner and soil is rinsed at high pressure by truck mounted equipment at high temperatures to blast away all the soil and residue from the cleaner. A tool made specifically for tile encloses the moisture inside its dome while a spinner blasts away the soil from pits, crevices and grout lines and high powered vacuum extracts the suspended soil and water back to a waste tank. Grout lines can then be sealed with a clear or colored sealer to prevent soil from becoming embedded, much like wax protects the paint on your vehicle. Sealer needs to be reapplied periodically, as it can wear off and harsh cleaners can erode it over time.

We get amazing results cleaning tile and stone floors, counter tops and showers. Look at our facebook page and website to see pictures and videos of what your floor can look like! Save your nails, hands, knees and back. Let Exceptional Carpet Cleaning do a free demonstration to show you how great your floor can look. We service Edmond, Guthrie, Oklahoma City, Del City, Midwest City, Moore, Norman, Newcastle, Tuttle, Blanchard, Harrah, Choctaw and Jones. Call us at 405-326-5487 today and enjoy sparkling clean floors tomorrow. Oklahoma’s premier Carpet, Tile/grout, upholstery and rug cleaning experts, Exceptional Carpet Cleaning and Floorcare!

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