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Tile and Grout

Oklahoma City tile floor cleaning

 Would you like to see the same results with your tile & grout as you get with your carpet? Just like vacuuming your carpet is not enough to get it completely clean, mopping is not enough to get your tile & grout completely clean. Our tile & grout cleaning will restore your floor to it’s original, like new state. With our IICRC Master Certified technicians providing the service, you’ll be amazed at the results!


We use a 5-step cleaning process for tile & grout:

  1. Pre-cleaning test – We test your grout lines in an inconspicuous area to determine which cleaning agent will get the best response for your type of soil.
  2. Apply High Alkaline Tile Cleaner – We then apply a very high alkaline cleaner over every inch of your tile and grout. This cleaner is formulated especially for professional cleaner to breakdown years of built-up soil.
  3. Dwell Time! – This step is often overlooked because it takes time! It is important to allow time for the cleaners to work. The cleaners sink deep into the grout lines to loosen the deep-embedded soil and suspend the soil to be extracted.
  4. Agitation – Unlike our competitors, we use stiff nylon grout brushes to hand scrub every single grout line by hand. This works loose the suspended soil and gets trapped soil out of the nooks and crevices that cannot be removed any other way.
  5. High Pressure Rinse & Extraction – This step is where all the hard work pays off! We use a set of tools designed specifically for tile and grout and connect it to our high-powered truck-mounted machine. This machine generates 1000 psi of water pressure and heats the water to 230 degrees. The sprayers on our tools direct the heated, high pressure water to blast away the suspended soil, rinse away the cleaners and dry the floor to a squeaky clean finish! Our customers are absolutely thrilled with the results!

After cleaning, we offer the following services to help keep your grout clean:

Sealant – Sealer is an optional step that does cost extra but is highly recommended. Very few grout lines are sealed at the time of installation. This is because grout lines require a week or more to cure before a sealer can be applied. Sealer is a clear protective barrier that helps prevent soil from becoming deeply embedded in the sandy grout lines. Some soil, if left too long, can permanently stain the grout, requiring a color seal to cover the unsightly stain.

Color Seal – You may opt for changing the color of the grout lines. This special service allows us to match a color of your choice and cover any and all unsightly stains or repairs made to grout. Although it costs more than clear sealer, it is more durable, lasts longer and can revitalize an old tile floor.