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upholstery cleaning in Oklahoma City

One of the most important yet overlooked items that need to be cleaned in our home is upholstery and leather. These items are in direct contact with the oils in our skin which can then attract soil and cause wear on the delicate fibers. We often eat and drink while sitting on furniture leaving drips, spots and spills which, left untreated, can become permanent stains. Furniture can also hold dust and allergens which can cause an affect your family’s health.



The Exceptional way to clean upholstery

  1. We thoroughly vacuum your upholstery to remove dust, crumbs and any dry soil that may be present on and under cushions. These dry soils can cause damage to your upholstery’s delicate fibers.
  2. We test delicate fibers in an inconspicuous location for color fastness to ensure a safe cleaning.
  3. Next we apply a specially formulated cleaner or shampoo using a horse hair brush and a hand sprayer.
  4. We gently work the cleaners in with the horse hair brush to work the cleaner in and the soil loose. The horse hair brush is safe to use on all fabrics yet aggressive enough to loosen tough soil.
  5. A special upholstery tool is then used to extract the cleaner and the suspended soil from your furniture using hot water and high flow to rinse and dry the fabric. This tool is gentle yet uses a constant flow of hot water to ensure the best clean possible.
  6. Cushions are then placed where air can circulate on all sides to speed up the drying process.
  7. Protectant can be reapplied to protect your furniture from spills and wear, prolonging the life and beauty of your furniture.

We do charge a little more than some of our competitors for this process but it is the best and safest way to care for your home furnishings.

Leather cleaning methods will vary according to the type of leather and severity of oil deposits. Often times leather furniture is brought to our warehouse for a more thorough cleaning process but is not always necessary.