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Winter Carpet Cleaning Special

Winter Specials by Exceptional Carpet Cleaning Edmond OK

Winter Carpet Cleaning Special

January 7, 2015 @ 2:59 PM
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January And February Are The Very Best Times To Get Your Carpet Cleaned In Oklahoma City

It is time for our annual Winter Carpet Cleaning Special. The Holidays are over and a very cold wind is blowing down into Oklahoma from Canada. If you ask me, they can keep it. Or at least stop in Nebraska. However, once the cold winter weather sets in, carpet cleaning slows down in Oklahoma City. It is for that reason, that we came up with our annual Winter Carpet Cleaning Special.

It gets slow, I mean real slow in January and February. In the early days when my brother Jim and I first started back in 2005, we used to pick up our phones on a daily basis just to make sure they were still working. A lot of my competitors continue to do the same thing. So we got really creative and came up with an annual Winter Carpet Cleaning Special. It worked so well, that I kept running this promotion every JAnuary and February since. Here is what you get…

Winter Cleaning Special:

Every Fourth Room Cleaned For Free: Yes you heard that right. This is a more you buy the more you can save special. Here is how it works. Have us come in to clean your carpets anytime in January and February. Show us all the rooms you want done. Then we will write them down from largest to smallest on our work order and cross off the price for every fourth room you have us clean. So the more we clean the more you save. As always, rooms over 200 square feet, and combined living and dining rooms will be considered two rooms.

To  take advantage of Winter Cleaning Special, call Tim at (405)326-5487.

Winter Cleaning Special Number Two:

Free Armchair Cleaning: It seems that just about every home I go into, there is always a favorite chair. They are easy to spot. They have taken on a special shape of the person who made it their favorite chair, Usually it has the odd black spot on it from a food or beverage spill. You literally live, eat and even sleep in that chair it is so comfortable. And it is filthy. Let me ask you this. If you wore the same shirt for a year, brushing off the crumbs and dust while giving it an odd vacuuming, what would it look like? What would it smell like? I bet you wouldn’t let your bed sheets go a year or more without washing them either, would you? I know, it sounds gross doesn’t it. That is why I want to clean your favorite chair absolutely free. How do you qualify? Simple, just ask me to clean your sofa and loveseat and I will clean your favorite chair (whether it matches or not) absolutely free. Yes I will even clean your favorite leather chair for free as well if your sofa and loveseat are leather as well. Otherwise just pay the difference between a fabric and leather chair.

To  take advantage of Winter Cleaning Special Number Two, call Tim at (405)326-5487.

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