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Pet Odor

pet odor removal Oklahoma cityWe understand that your pets are an important part of the family. We also realize that accidents do happen. You might think that your pets have ruined your carpet, but do not despair. Our technicians are IIRC Master Certified in severe odor removal and pet stain removal. In most cases, we can avoid the hassles of removing the carpet padding, but in a few instances, this may be necessary. We use only the finest cleaning products & processes available. Most companies do not offer this service as it requires expensive training, equipment and odor pairing agents. However, at Exceptional Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care, this is one of our specialties.

We offer an 8-step process for pet spots and odor removal:

  1. Locating the Source of the Odors – We use the best low-length UV LED Black light to locate the areas that have been contaminated. Urine will fluoresce under these UV Rays so we can know what areas to treat.
  2. Determine the extent of the Damage – We then use a moisture probe to determine whether urine has reached the pad or subfloor. Urine never completely dries as it has a heavy salt content and is constantly absorbing moisture from the air reactivating the odor causing bacteria. This process also allows us to see how far the urine has spread. Generally, a spot on the surface can spread to an area two or three times larger in the pad or subfloor.
  3. Neutralize and Dissolve the Uric Salts – Regular carpet cleaning cannot remove pet odors that have reached the carpet backing, paid or subfloor. The reason is because the cleaners do not reach the urine and is meant to clean soil that has a difference ph than urine. We heat special formulated oxygenated enzymes over 200 degrees to speed up the enzymatic process. We then add odor counteractants and pairing agents that actually bonds with the odor-causing molecules and neutralizes them so they are no longer detected by your olfactory senses. These are poured into your carpet heavy enough to reach the contaminated areas. This can take gallons as the quantity of enzyme has to exceed the quantity of urine. Animals can deposit 2 to 4 ounces of every time they eliminate.
  4. Dwell Time – We now allow these high-tech solutions to do their job up to 45 minutes. This allows the enzymes and odor counteractancts to dissolve the salts in the urine.
  5. Urine Removal – Now we remove the dissolved urine and enzymes with a flood extraction tool used primarily in serious water and flood damage jobs. This allows us to permanently remove all odor causing materials, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean!
  6. Cleaning – Next, we apply cleaners and remove any remaining soil and spots. Additional odor destroying enzymes and odor contacteractants are added for good measure. See our 12-step cleaning brochure for more details!
  7. Rinsing – In this step we rinse all cleaners and remaining residue, flushing them out with plenty of hot water and rinsing agent to neutralize the ph of the carpet fiber.
  8. Pet Stain Treatment – In some cases, browning and staining is not removed with the above process so a post spot treatment is used to oxidize and remove spots. Please allow up to 72 hours for this process to completely remove most stubborn spots. We can’t always reverse the damage done to the fiber, but if we can’t – no one can – we guarantee it!