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Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood and Laminate Floors have become the fastest growing segment of the flooring market over the last few years. The problem is that most people are unfamiliar with how to clean and care for this type of flooring. Without proper care and maintenance, this expensive flooring can be damaged beyond repair. Exceptional Carpet Cleaning and Floorcare has equipment made by  a leading hardwood floor company to safely deep clean and help restore your hard floors. This equipment gently but effectively scrubs your floors to remove the embedded soils and build up of grease and residues. When soil gets embedded in the grain and crevices of your flooring, every day foot traffic can grind the soil into the finish of your flooring, scratching and damaging the flooring. This thorough cleaning process applies the cleaning agents,scrubs them gently into your flooring while squeegees contain the moisture and a vacuum motor recovers the cleaner and soil. This process is repeated with a second cleaner designed to remove residue and prepare your flooring for a maintenance coat of polyurethane. The application of the maintenance coat of polyurethane fills in the worn areas of finish, restoring the protection to your wood much like waxing your car helps protect the paint. With proper maintenance, your floors can look beautiful for years without the need for expensive sanding or screening procedures. Give us a call to get a free no obligation estimate on restoring the beautiful luster to your floors!